Our remote diagnostics

Connect the device to the vehicle, book a ticket and then leave the work to the technicians at the Trainmobil remote centre. This saves time, stress and unnecessary costs for the manufacturer portals. With the help of over 40 manufacturer portals and the use of a variety of test devices, we access the vehicle directly online.


– reading and deleting error codes
– key programming
– service resetting

– control unit commissioning
– enabling/coding retrofits
– calibrating driver assistance systems

– teach-in processes after component replacement
– enabling security gateway/diagnostic firewall
– online module coding


Our app not only provides you with an efficient ticket booking system, but also offers direct support. You can communicate easily with our remote technicians. No frills, no long waiting times – just clear instructions and solutions.

Price configurator

In our price configurator you can find all bookable fee-based services that we carry out for you. This allows you to see from the onset what charges you will be required to pay.Please note that there may be jobs where booking a single ticket is not sufficient to rectify the fault. Due to manufacturer specifications, follow-up work may be necessary on some tickets. However, our remote diagnostics team will communicate this clearly in advance, so that no hidden additional costs arise.

Remote diagnostics FAQs

The device costs €879 plus VAT. Click here for Shop.

The VCI for remote diagnostics is available in the Trainmobil shop.

An internet-enabled device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

All EU5 vehicles built as from 2009, with the exception of some vans categorised as trucks – our VCI only works for cars.

Manufacturer-guided troubleshooting, resetting adaptation values, programming keys, updating software, coding towbars and many more. Here you can check which tasks can be carried out.

No monthly fees! Only the services/diagnoses that are booked are charged.

Depending on the service/diagnosis, the cost will remain within a range of €13 and €140.

Simply plug the VCI into the OBD interface and select the service you want.

Yes, you can. The exchange takes place via chat or telephone.

Click here for your personal login/dashboard

We can programme the components and recommend installing new parts, as for example, there may be problems with overwriting the data on used control units.

Yes, we can code OE and aftermarket accessories.

Yes, we can, once the faults have been rectified and the tank has been filled.

Yes,we can if the maintenance has been recorded in the digital service booklet.

All manufacturers except Mercedes Benz, Smart and Porsche.