Our So geht's brochures - knowledge of repairs

With our “So geht’s” brochures, we offer comprehensive knowledge for every technician who is interested. Complex technology is simply explained in a thematically compact structure while giving sufficient background knowledge. The chronological procedure for the repair, including many tips and tricks, supplement the specialist knowledge on a particular topic. Enjoy reading.

Step by step to success

– Comprehensive explanations
– High-quality images
– Useful background knowledge

– LED lighting systems
– Transmission diagnostics
– Calibrating radar systems

– Calibrating the front camera
– Timing belts
– Wheel alignment

Our documents offer more than just plain text! You can find out what’s behind the individual QR codes in this slideshow.

Zoom, disassemble, rotate and examine:

With our 3D models, hidden components can be examined in detail. Principles of operation, possible damage and repairs can be understood much better if the component can be fully examined.

Useful extra knowledge:

Many processes, components, laws and mechanisms are not explained comprehensively enough in a brief explanation. Those who want to know more also have the opportunity to do so. Our background knowledge QR codes provide the necessary expertise on relevant topics.

References and necessary documents:

Laws change or official documents are required to submit applications. We link exactly the things that are absolutely necessary for the repair in our documents. No more searching for the right page – we’ve already done that for you.

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Visual aids for individual steps are sometimes necessary. Where exactly is the component located? What is the difference between part A and part B? What does the tool that is needed look like? We have visualised everything you need to know with graphics and photos.

The repair slideshow:

For extensive processes and a large number of different components. Intricate processes can be worked on step by step and small differences in workmanship can be recognised. It is also possible to view different damage patterns at a glance.

Videos and animations:

Many things are best recognised in motion. For example, the changes in light settings when driving at night or the movement of a gearbox. Our videos and animations provide a quick “wow” effect.