About us

When Trainmobil was founded over 20 years ago, hardly anyone could have foreseen the automotive developments that would ensue and their subsequent impact on the repair market. However, even back then it was already clear that the speed of technical change was increasing significantly, and with it the demands on all players in the independent automotive market. From the very beginning we specialized in the development and implementation of automotive training and the creation of technical documentation. This has been a great success, because garages, wholesalers and the industry use our expertise in over 2,000 training days with 20,000 participants per year.

Training for practitioners is our recipe for success, and we spare no expense. Our trainers arrive with modern technical equipment and put the knowledge they teach into practice with the participants on a variety of functional models, engines, machines,. as well as directly on the vehicle.

Our team


Thomas Kock


André Götze


Judith Braatz

Assistant to the management

Service center

Marie-Kathrin Buhk

Customer service & Team assistant

Jessica Grzeschik

Customer center

Brigitta Vogt

Statistics, training documents & certificates


Philipp Benstein

Trainer for automotive technology
Training and further education

Tim Blohmann

Training focus:
Electronics/ air conditioning/ airbag

Leandro Coimbra

Training focus:
Electronics/ high voltage/ air conditioning

Ayhan Güneri 

Training focus:
Gasoline & diesel/ air conditioning/ diagnostic systems

Dawid Janikowski

Training focus:
High voltage

Dr. Frank Kirstein 

Quality management officer & data protection officer
Training focus: operational management

Christian Kotterba

Training focus:
High voltage/  air conditioning/ diagnostics

Gernot Kuhn

Training focus:
High voltage/ electronics

Mathias Riehl

Training focus:
High-voltage/ VAG manufacturer portals/ digital service booklet/ tester application

Robert Schon

Training focus:
Drive technology/ air conditioning/ airbag/ glass

Roman Starke

Training focus:
High-voltage/ digital service booklet/ air conditioning systems

Björn Süsens

Training focus:
High-voltage/ camera and assistance systems

Heinrich Trienbacher

Training focus:
Airbag/ air conditioning systems

Stefan von Ahnen

Training focus:
Air conditioning systems/ chassis/ brakes/ TPMS/ wdk/ workshop procedures

MIchel Wonsack

Training focus:
High voltage/ electronics

Kirill Zinin

Training focus:
High voltage/ electronics

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Zu den Stellenanzeigen

Technical editorial office and remote diagnostics

Markus Guinand

Head of technical editorial office

Erhan Calis

Technical editorial office/ Hotline

René Häder

Technical editorial office/ Hotline

Lennart Mühlstein

Technical editorial office

Diamantis Pantis

Remote diagnostics

Thorben Rademacher

Technical editorial office

Marc Rowedder

Remote diagnostics

Luca Schlichting

Technical editorial office

Agatha Ziaja

Technical draftswoman

Video & Graphic

Daniela Gorres

Marketing & communication

Lara Riemann

Graphics, animation, web design, corporate design

Magnus Schult

Content creator, photo and video creation